Machine Interpreting - Demo (v 1.1)

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Welcome! I am a digital interpreter. While I am waiting for the speech to begin, I'd like to tell you something about me...

I have been developed in the context of academic research aiming at studying machine interpreting (also called speech-to-speech or speech-to-text translation) by Claudio Fantinuoli at the University of Mainz.

The project targets conference interpreting, i.e. the simultaneous and consecutive modalities. For now I target only formal speeches.

At the moment I work better in short consecutive mode, but I can also work on continuous speeches (like the ones on the right) approaching them in a slightly different way as human conference interpreters do. Well, I am not human...

Do not expect from me a human-like performance. I am definitely not there. However, I will improve in the future. For example, I will soon be able to reduce my decalage (latency), since my linguistic knowledge will increase.

Claudio and others will use me, modify me, upgrade me, to understand - from a communicative perspective - how good I am, what are my limits, which speeches can I interpret best, and foremost to shed light on how special you, your brain, your language capabilities, are.


  • Version 1: baseline approach
  • Version 2: linguistic-aware sequencing of continuous speech
  • Version 3: real-time sentiment analysis and framing

Read here to know how to use the demo.

You may use other videos with the supported speech typology: formal speech, slow delivery speed with pauses (this will change in version 2.0).